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Mesotherapy Treatments and its review

Mesotherapy Treatments and its review

Not only genes that can make you beautiful there is lot more things, with the latest cosmetic procedures, like mesotherapy, you can actually become the angel that you might have always dreamt of.  The term Mesotherapy, comes from the Greek word, “mesos” which means “middle” and “therapia” which means “to treat medically As indicated by the definition, Mesotherapy is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure based on superficial micro injections aimed towards treating various problem areas of the body. 

Mesotherapy Treatments Can Be Used For:

1. Skin Rejuvenation

Mesotherapy is utilized to infuse lightening and anti-aging materials specifically into the skin layers, supporting better item adequacy and snappier outcomes with lessened downtime. It can also help reduce lines and wrinkles, improve sun-damaged skin; and works as an ideal glow treatment.

2. Pigmentation

For expanded pigmentation like Melasma, blemishes, spots and post-incendiary hyper-pigmentation, this strategy is utilized to convey helping operators, as Glutathione and Vitamin C, specifically into the skin layers.

3. Hair Loss

Mesotherapy can be used to aid hair restoration. A formulation of vitamins, DHT blockers, and minerals, injected into the scalp stimulate the circulation of blood, thus replacing lost vitamins and minerals and allowing hair follicles to get rejuvenated.

4. Acne Scars

Scar filling, especially those caused by acne, can be done by administering materials like hyaluronic acid, into the affected areas. This technique is less costly than fillers.

Why Skin & You Clinic for Mesotherapy:

Mesotherapy treats a wide scope of conditions that incorporate hair loss, pigmentation and skin restoration in a more established, dull or tired skin.
The doctors at KEMPS Skin Clinic, Ghaziabad, specialize in Mesotherapy treatments. Dr. Manju Keshari is one of the best skin doctors. She’s practicing dermatology since 2001, with a special interest in acne, acne scars, hair treatments & cosmetic procedure.

Benefits of Mesotherapy treatment:

Mesotherapy treatment is exceptionally useful treatment and treats different conditions adequately.'
  • The treatment is non invasive.
  • It does not require general anesthesia, only local anesthesia is used to minimize the comfort.
  • The treatment also stimulates the blood circulation to the treatment area.
  • The treatment offers even and effective results.
  • This treatment offers long lasting results if the person maintains healthy lifestyle and diet after the treatment.

Mesotherapy Side Effects:

Similarly, as with whatever another type of treatment, mesotherapy can have reactions. Some mild and transient reactions that may happen after a mesotherapy session incorporate swelling, wounding and agony or tingling at the injection site. These normally subside in a couple of hours to a few days.

Mesotherapy is a novel non-intrusive treatment hair methodology in cosmetic medicine, which involves injection of the medicines directly under the skin at the objective area. Mesotherapy is micro-injection of solution of arrangement containing traditional drugs, vitamins, minerals, compounds and amino acids.

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