Monday, 22 August 2016

9 amazing guidelines and tricks on conditioners for hair

1.    Conditioners must be applied to the lower part of the hair and the ends where the hair really needs care. Conditioners are misplaced at the scalp where they will only weigh down the hair.
2.   Use a comb with large wide teeth if you decide to comb a conditioner into your hair. This type of comb is most gentle on damp hair.
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3.    Always thoroughly rinse out conditioners and hair treatments. Remaining conditioners only were down the hair unnecessarily and may give your hair a stringy appearance.
4.   In case your hair shows many split ends, apply a small amount of conditioner to these ends before you shampoo your hair. That nurtures and protects the hair ends.
5.    Hair cures and masks may work particularly well when heat is applied. Use a short steam of warm air from your hair dryer before covering your hair with aluminium foil to topped by a towel.
6.    Use hair care products, which are tailored exactly to your current needs. Conditioners for extremely damaged hair may be too rich for fine, thin hair. Cures for curly hair tend to flatten straight hair.
7.    Adjust your hair care products also to the season and the climate. In the cold season, even fatty hair may need more conditioning treatments than usual to counteract the effects of dry outside air and dry heated air inside. In a hot and humid vacation spot, fine hair may need conditioning only after every second shampooing.
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8.    More is not always better. Use only a walnut-sized amount of a hair cure preparation and hazelnut-sized amount of the conditioner. A few droplets of split end repair liquid are enough.

9.    Don’t use conditioners excessively. Otherwise, your hair may start drooping lifelessly. When this has happened use deep cleansing shampoos to restore luster and volume to your hair. However, you should not use those deep cleansing shampoos more than once a month.