Friday, 28 April 2017

How to maintain skin glowing naturally in summer session?

Do you in search for naturally glowing and brilliant skin? Nothing makes you feel sure as having lovely appearance. Solid and shining skin makes you look younger and feel full of vigor, no matter what your age or physical condition is. 

UV Sun beams are more exceptional in summer season so on the off chance that you go out in season without appropriate skin Protection then flammable sun beams will adversely affect your skin and may transform it into unpleasant, dull and dim skin. 

Summer sun tanning or darkening of skin is very normal when contrasted with different seasons. Henceforth you truly need to take after a proper skin care routine to shield your skin from summer skin tanning.

Common causes of skin problems
  • Premature wrinkling can start primarily due to stress or unhealthy lifestyle practices. Some major culprits are smoking, alcohol, drug addiction, and unhealthy food choices.
  • Acne is another common skin problem among women of all age groups. This could sometimes occur due to hormonal changes in the body.
  • Improper digestion also shows up in the form of pimples.
  • Whatever the cause, these yoga exercises can help you achieve a smooth glowing skin.
You may have frequently thought about whether it is hard to sport a glowing radiant skin. Despite what might be expected! It is quite easy to do, not a fantastical dream by any stretch of the imagination. Furthermore, the good news is that you don't require harsh chemicals or costly excellence medications to accomplish this.

In any case, before we discuss the arrangement, let’s first understand where skin problems such as wrinkles and dark spots stem from that keep you away from getting a glowing face.

Natural beauty tips to get your skin to glow provide by KEMPS Skin Clinic

A.      Drink lots of water.
B.      Get about 7-8 hour sleep a day. Your body repairs your skin naturally while you sleep.
C.      Avoid smoking
D.      Make it a habit to apply a mild cleanser to remove your makeup, excess oils and all accumulated dirt, and then moisturize before you sleep at night.
E.       Use rosewater as a natural toner. It is so mild that it leaves your skin supple and smooth.
F.       Make sure to use cleanser, toner, moisturizer and other beauty products of your skin type and from the same brand. Mixed brands sometimes do not interact well with one another.
G.     Consider applying baby lotion on your arms, legs and stomach every day after you shower.
H.      Avoid taking long, hot showers, as they strip your skin of essential oils and moisture. Use lukewarm water instead.

Ladies of any age and times have wanted a lovely and shining skin. This desire takes us to the entryways of each parlor and we attempt each item in the market promising the coveted impact. Tragically, they are generally not fruitful, costly and some of them even have side effects.

Women from a long time have been using bleaches and chemicals to make their skin beautiful, but this reduces their skin health in a long term.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Ear lobe and its procedure of repair:

In the event that you have a torn earlobe due to an injury, or on the off chance intentionally stretching your earlobes seemed like a good idea but now regret having the gaping holes, you’re not alone Earlobe repair at our Delhi and Ghaziabad areas is a typical technique for patients with extended or split ear lobes that can often be finished in under hour. 

KEMPS Skin Clinic introduces the best earlobe repair techniques in Ghaziabad. The doctor applies what is best and affordable for you. So, when it comes to repair or correct earlobe, please visit our clinic. Earlobe repair is performed in the clinic by Dr. Manju Keshari. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and takes few minutes. The tear or stretched piercing hole is surgically removed and then the lobe is repaired with stitches.

Candidates for Earlobe Repair:

People usually seek to repair earlobes for cosmetic reasons. Pierced ears can be split accidentally if an earring gets pulled through the hole, or heavy earrings can gradually cause the hole to widen.

Rupture of earlobe and its repair:

Rupture of the ear lobe can happen by accident. When earrings cling to garments or a comb, the result could be torn earlobe. Earlobes can also be gradually expanded over time from wearing heavy, mobile jewellery. Earlobe repair can heal large gap in the ear lobes of both men and women.

Wearing heavy earrings is a common cause of earlobe injury:
  • In the event that the heaviness of the jewelry is excessively, the tissues in the ear can't deal with the anxiety and a tear shows up.
  • If you wear very heavy earrings, your ear piercing hole may become extended (elongated) over time

Procedure Description for earlobe:
  • Earlobe repair is a relative simple procedure.
  • The fresh edges are sutured back together.
  • Both the ears can be done on the same day.
  • To allow the lobe of the ear to heal back together, the surgeon cuts away the healed skin on the inside of the torn earlobe.
  • It is a one-day procedure taking 40 mins to 50 mins or even less for one ear.
  • The procedure is started by a local anesthesia to make the area numb or free of pain.
  • Mild swelling and redness is present that is taken care by painkillers and subsides within 2-3days.

Any side effects associated with the procedure?

The procedure is safe, There is minimally invasive and rarely associated with any side effects like pain, swelling.

What happens in Ear Lobule Repair?

The extended or torn portion of puncture is freshened and suture back to its unique shape in exceptionally exact and meticulous suturing with the goal that it gets a decent quality and scar likewise is not seen. The procedure is done in thirty minutes or so under local anesthesia and patient backpedals home promptly.

How Long Will My Results Last?

There is almost no discomfort after an earlobe repair. After an earlobe repair, the stitches are usually removed or dissolve on their own in about a week. Earlobe repair surgery results are permanent.

Friday, 21 April 2017

Looking for Hair Re-growth Clinic in Delhi NCR?

Many individuals confront different issues in regards to their hair development. Some are curious to take their hair. Have you respected inside reflect as of now and watched that your hair respected additional dispersed than standard?

Hair is a critical part of a person’s personality, which is the reason when somebody begins to see more hair on their brush than on their head, they begin to stress. Nonetheless, hair fall is considerably more typical than a great many people would think and keeping in mind that a couple of hairs a day is viewed as ordinary male pattern baldness, there is really a scarcely discernible difference where it goes over the edge and a hair fall treatment or hairlessness treatment or Hair Regrowth ends up plainly fundamental. Today, balding has turned out to be regular with men and also ladies, but so have methods of hair loss prevention & Hair Regrowth.

What about Regrowth of hair?

Percentage of patients report stoppage of hairloss but no regrowth. This is generally due to the hair being in the refractory stage. If the hair-follicle openings are still open, hair can be regrown by a procedure called mesotherapy.

We are providing hair regrowth treatment clinic in Ghaziabad. KEMPS Skin clinic is one of the best hair & skin clinic in Ghaziabad. At hairline we provide all kind of treatments & therapy for hair & skin care. We provide hair loss therapy, hair greying therapy, hair transplant, hair regrowth treatment, hair extensions, skin treatment & platelet rich fibrin matrix.

What treatments are available for hair loss?

Depending on your type of hair loss, various treatments are available. If it's caused by a medicine, your doctor may change your medication. Recognizing and treating a deficiency and correcting it may help stop hair loss. Or correcting a hormone imbalance may be an effective solution.

Are there any Do's and Dont's to prevent Hair Loss ?
  • Do not tie your hair too tight.
  • Minimise the use of clips on hair.
  • Minimum use of Hair dryer.
  • Avoid hot irons.
  • Avoid Chemical treatments of hair - colouring /dyeing /straightening /rebounding /perming.
  • Use lauryl sulphate free hair shampoo.
  • Do not go for aggressive head massages.
  • Avoid hair spas.

Best Hair regrowth treatment in Ghaziabad.

Dr.Manju Keshari is a renowned Cosmetic Dermatologist and she treats all kinds of skin treatment & hair issues. All you need to do is to step into Kemps Skin clinics and get the consultation done; rest is taken care by Kemps Skin clinics. Kemps Skin clinics, Hair Regrowth Treatments are the India's fastest Hair Restoration treatments.

There are many hair transplant clinics in Delhi cropping up all over the city. But it is crucial to reach out to the right place for good results in hair regrowth treatments. It becomes a very challenging and troublesome procedure if the treatment goes wrong. To avoid going through such a problem, it is always better to search for the best hair regrowth treatment in the city before consulting. KEMPS Skin Clinic is known to be one of the best Hair regrowth treatment clinics in Delhi NCR since it has started.

Friday, 14 April 2017

How to save hair from dandruff in summer session?

Dandruff a big problem for all, We should begin with what dandruff really is Head shedding is a constant skin condition created by the development of yeast around the base of your hair follicles, says Dr. Manju Keshari, Senior Dermatologist of KEMPS Skin Clinic. 

Know about Dandruff?
  • Dandruff is white or gray flaky skin that peels from the scalp. It is perfectly natural and pretty much harmless, but it can be aesthetically unappealing. 
  • Dandruff is a form of shedding of the skin. The human body sheds its entire skin every 24 days. Once skin dies, it falls off little by little. 
  • Dandruff is the process of shedding skin very quickly and as a result, it peels in big chunks and the flakes are not quite dead yet. 

What Causes Dandruff?

Dandruff can be brought on by many factors, like eczema or psoriasis, however usually; dandruff is quite recently the result of having a dry, flaky, scalp. Some attribute dandruff to the absence of rest and a lot of stress. Bad nutrition, using too much gel and hairspray, and shampooing time and again and not washing enough may likewise play a part in it.


In summer, scalp has a tendency to get sleek as warmth prompts to exhaust the sebaceous organs. It prompts the creation of more oil and sweat, making your hair dirtier. So you in the end wind up washing your hair all the more much of the time. Overabundance washing is additionally hurtful if a cleanser does not suit you. It could prompt hair-fall, breakage and unreasonably entangled hair.


Summer is the best time to set out toward a trim as hair develops quick; so simply make a beeline for your most loved hair salon. Part closures will probably happen amid summer as hair dries effortlessly and along these lines, trimming makes a difference. Caring for your hair in the late spring is not as troublesome as it appears and with these tips, you will be able to maintain your luscious locks no matter what.

The Most Important Causes of Dandruff:
  • Irritated oily skin- People who suffer from seborrheic dermatitis or oily skin are more prone to dandruff. This kind of condition not only affects the scalp, but also the eyebrows, nose, back of the ears and so on. 
  • Yeast- People who are sensitive to yeast suffer from dandruff the most, so it must be true that yeast plays a big part in causing dandruff. This is one reason why people get dandruff during the winters and not so much during the summers, as the heat of the sun stops the yeast from proliferating. 
  • Certain skin problems- People who suffer from skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis have greater chances of suffering from dandruff than others.
  • Stop overly using styling products- Some hair styling products like pomades, can exacerbate the dandruff problem. Cut back on this kind of styling products, which build up on your hair and scalp and cause oiliness.
  • Not keeping your scalp clean- Many experts are of the opinion that not shampooing frequently can cause dandruff. The oil buildup and the dirt on your scalp are one way of triggering dandruff. The yeast and the fungi then feed on the accumulating dead skin cells.
  • Balance diet- Though the diet you follow may not directly trigger of a dandruff flare-up, some of foods high in saturated fats and Trans fats can activate the sebaceous oil glands, causing the problem of dandruff to worsen.

Hair amid the late spring season turns so dull and pale. It appears that the hair does not have the required food. On the off chance that you need to go out for a vocation, then you can do nothing as the harming beams of the sun will make the hit feel so non-fizzy and in time it will turn so perfectly unattractive.