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What is the root cause of skin allergies?

Skin allergies or rashes can be caused by a wide variety of factors that are environmental, hereditary, and even linked to immune system disorders. They can also be caused by infections that your body is fighting and medications you are taking for completely unrelated health conditions. Food allergies can cause skin rashes, as well as illnesses like chicken pox and the measles. 

Skin allergies can be created by a wide range of variables that incorporate heat, medicines, diseases and immune system disorders. A skin allergen will trigger an immune systems response and a few distinct sorts of skin allergies are the outcome.

Bumps, tingling, redness and other skin conditions are extremely normal, and their cause may not be effectively identifiable. Rashes can be created by numerous things, including plants (harm ivy, for example), hypersensitive responses to a prescription or a nourishment, or a sickness (measles or chickenpox, for instance).

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Allergic Contact Dermatitis:

Contact dermatitis is a response that shows up when the skin interacts with an aggravation or an allergen. . Symptoms can incorporate a rash, rankles, tingling and smoldering.
Soaps, clothing cleansers, cleansing agents, shampoos — or even over exposure to water — can all bring about contact dermatitis. Different things that can bring about a response are metals, (for example, nickel, a segment of stainless steel and different composites used to make costume jewelry), cements, nail clean, topical meds, plants and latex gloves.


Regardless of what type of skin allergy you have, there are a few commonalities among the symptoms you’ll likely see on your skin. It’s important to understand what triggers the irritations on your skin and avoid those factors as much as possible.

These are some of the symptoms that are commonly associated with dermatitis:
  • Redness and swelling
  • Severe itching
  • Bumps or blisters that may ooze fluid
  • Peeling, cracking or flaking of the skin
  • Rash

The most common irritants and allergens include:
  • Detergents
  • Soaps and cleaning products
  • Fragrances added to cosmetics, fabric softeners, deodorants, body lotions, tissues and toilet paper
  • Hair coloring
  • Medicinal lotions, especially antibiotic creams with neomycin
  • Dye used in clothing, fur and leather products


Skin allergies are very common among children, teens, adults, and the elderly, and they affect people of all different skin types and backgrounds. If you develop an allergic reaction rash, it’s important to identify the cause of the rash and pay close attention to your symptoms.
Although skin rashes are very common and often more of an unsightly nuisance than anything else, they could also be a sign of a more serious condition or lead to complications if left untreated. First of all try to contact any skin cares specialist and avoid using home remedies for skin allergies.

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