Monday, 30 October 2017

Tips for beautiful skin in winter season

Winter is the most beautiful and coldest season of the year. Winter is the time when the nights are very long and days become short and it is also the time when most of us enjoy a party, gathering, holiday and traveling with family & friends.

Winter brings along a few skin problems also. People experience irritation, hardness, and roughness of skin. The main cause of itchy skin due to dryness and contact allergies due to detergents and chemicals in this season. Cold temperatures result in poor blood circulation and widened capillaries and as a result, the skin suffers.  

Have a great skin in this winter by skin care tips:
  • Use oil-based moisturizer in place of your water-based moisturizer.Use the moisturizer several times in a day for a soft and silky skin.
  • Use the petroleum jelly on the face, lips, hands, legs on a routine basis.
  • Use the sunscreen when you’re stepping out from home.
  • Drink plenty of water in a day to keep the dryness at bay. Water is an excellent lubricant to keep your skin soft and supple.
  • Use the natural moisturizer in the winter to keep away the Dry skin.
  • Try to take the necessary diet in the winter. Try to add the fruit and fruit juice to your diet.
  • Avoid taking the hot water baths. The hot water takes out the moisture in the skin then skin becomes dry. 
  • The chapped lips are one of the problems in this winter. Apply the petroleum jelly to the chapped lips. Use the lip scrubs for the lip care in the winter.
  • Often cover the most of the body with the clothes. Do not expose the skin to the cold air.
Winter season is one such type of season that not only brings pleasant experiences for heart and mind but also brings some uncomfortable dryness to the face, hands, and also feet. In this cold season, everyone’s skin becomes dry due to the dry air. An individual should be very careful and attentive to take care of the skin, whereas it reacts with the atmospheric moisture and wetness. Winter is the season when your skin becomes too much dry. Getting wrinkles over your skin is also quite common during this season. It is important to apply moisturizer on your skin repeatedly. During the daytime, you can do it as per your consciousness.

If you face more skin problem in winter just contact your skin expert or dermatologist for skin check-up and treatment. A good dermatologist may provide you better skin treatment so always choose skin expert or dermatologist very carefully.

Have a safe and healthy winter.

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